Why Enterprise Search is critical to the success of your business

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Why Enterprise Search is critical to the success of your business

Given that every single second, google search engine performs 400,000 queries, we all know how important search is in our daily life.

Talking about business, let’s take the example of a Bank, an e-commerce shop, a high-street retailer or an energy company. They all need a system that allows:

  • their potential customers to quickly and easily find the product they are looking for
  • their existing customers or employees to find help, support and advice.
  • their employees and partners to easily find project and products documentations such as PDF files, MS Word documents, Spread Sheets, shared documents across the company network, documents from the company CMS, CRM, … and the list goes on and on…


And failure to have such a system does cause a lot of loss to those compaines

Just imagine a home owner trying to re-mortgage his house for the very first time.
He goes to his bank web site and searches for the keyword “renew my mortgage”.
He gets back result pages like:

  • “Applying for a mortgage”,
  • “My Mortgage”
  • “Expired credit card”
  • etc…

He gets all sort of results except what he is really looking for.

But when he searches for the word “remortgage”, then he get the right answer.

This is very frustrating and a proper Search implementation would have helped both the customer and the Bank.

The same goes for a search for “Red shirt” where you get back most products from a brand called “Red Foo”.
There are many example where businesses are loosing customers just because they do not have the right technology.

At Menelic, we are specialized in Enterprise Search…
And we strongly believe that every single organization, every single business and every enterprise needs a proper search solution.

At Menelic, we go into extra length to make sure your clients, potential customers and employees get the right result whenever they perform a search.
Most importantly, we spend a lot more time on the top search terms, making sure they always get the get the right hit.

To find out how we can help you, please contact us.